MAY 4, 2016 – MAY 11, 2016

* An Intentional Table Signature Tour *

This extraordinary tour will explore both western and eastern Sicily to give you the richest, fullest taste of the region’s food and wine culture.  After we travel through the historic melding of cultures and architecture, you will not soon forget this hauntingly beautiful island.   A few of the sensory pleasures that await you:

  • Witness Sicily’s connection to exotic cultures from distant shores on private tours with tastings of various wines, breads, oils and seasonal products
  • Inhale the fragrances wafting from orange orchards in bloom
  • Stroll through the morning market with a local chef before cooking in Marsala’s famed Pellegrino kitchen
  • Gaze into the sparkling turquoise waters of a quaint tuna fishing village as you stroll along the quays
  • Find a sense of place among Castelvetrano’s ancient olive trees during a private tasting in the groves.
  • Discover where tradition meets innovation, in Sicily’s famed wine regions in the west and east.

It is our goal for you to feel comfortable while away from home, so we’ve selected beautiful accommodations that reflect the best of Sicily and offer a serene space for you to savor our experiences and relax.

For more information contact:

Ashlee Redfern – Seller of Travel 603-247-037

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