Italian Inspirations Culinary Experiences
Let’s plan an event–featuring your own personal chef to add flair and convenience to your next dinner, reunion, lunch meeting, cocktail party, in-home cooking class, foodies gathering, etc…

Groceries are hand-selected by the chef and brought to the site. Recipes are prepared at your event with fresh, local, seasonal, organic ingredients to create traditional Italian dishes. Service is typically family-style, accompanied by anecdotes and cultural insights from Chef Ashlee, who lived in Tuscany for 8 years before returning to the Pacific Northwest, eager to share her passion for delicious, healthy, inspiring Italian cuisine!

Choose full-spectrum service to relax & enjoy your meal or opt for an interactive style to include your guests in learning recipes & secrets of delicious, home-cooked Italian food.

Prices vary depending on format, so let me know what you have in mind so we may create an Experience that fits your specific dietary needs, taste preferences, budget and timeline.

Italian Inspirations Culinary Experiences can be purchased in advance & make great gifts…

Molten chocolate cakes with strawberries

cibo vino buona compagnia     Marie Impruneta peposo prep

In-Home Cooking Classes
Organize a cooking class at your house for yourself, family & friends with customizable formats featuring knife skills, kitchen organization, shopping strategies, healthy cooking techniques and delicious recipes from home-style Italian culinary tradition

Great experience gift idea for special occasions, newlyweds, young aspiring cooks, foodies, etc.

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